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It's funny but somehow we were not taking much notice of what happened, and when, all those years ago,
but this is an attempt to try and put some order to the key events in the bands history.
More info will be added in time if anyone can remember it!

The band emerged from two bands in north London. Phaze and Stone Lady. Originally Nick Brent Dave (MEX) Higgen Marc and Steve Grainger. Mex left the band to move in a different direction and to set up the Octave Studio and PA Company in North London. Dave Robertson Joined and Apocalypse were established.
(or thereabouts)
Apocalypse formed

Apocalypse: left to right, Steve, Dave, Marc and Nick.

After various demo recordings many of which still survive today in various taped compilations. These tapes were sold at gigs and sent out as demo tapes to potential venues. APOCALYPSE decide to release a single at there own expense.

Stormchild/Chosen Few is recorded and released by the band on GATE RECORDS a label set up by themselves. The label named after the Starting Gate pub in Milton Keynes where they had a strong bond with the'' locals''
The band gets regular plays at many of the Heavy Metal road shows particularly by Neil Kaye.

The single makes it to number 10 in the MM independent HM Chart.

Apocalypse go on to record a track with Neil Kaye at TIN PAN ALLEY STUDIOS in London with the intention of a compilation being released, possibly for the Japanese market. A recording of NIGHT STALKER is produced. Apocalypse lose touch with Neil and his compilation.

In the beginning or 1983 Constant hassle from another band of the same name it was decided to change the name of the band to OMEGA.

Two tracks recorded at EBONY RECORDS.
BLOOD SACRIFICE went onto the METAL WARRIORS compilation album.
Blood Sacrifice was also used on various demo tapes and later on the Stormchild EP.

Marc Grainger leaves the band, much to the dismay of the band especially his brother Steve.
He is replaced by Graham Roberts.
The band take on Gerry Floyd, London rock DJ as manager and many Record companies and publishers are approached. The demo cassette ALPHA is recorded as a taster for an album. Sadly Gerry passed away through illness shortly after the recording of this now very rare cassette. The band seemed to be getting nowhere with the record companies.  
Now a London film critic, John Marriot takes up the task of management and the band push ahead with the idea of releasing an album on their own if necessary. The band record what was later to be THE PROPHET at Flame studios in London and mix the results at Hoxton Square Blue Note Studios also in London.
John brokers a deal with RAZOR RECORDS in London who as a known punk label decide to create ROCK MACHINE as label for their new founded stable of rock bands namely Apocalypse and Samson THE PROPHET was released in 1985 on ROCK MACHINE Label. The air brushing and design for the album was done by Steve.The album was released on license worldwide for 5 years.
Disillusioned with the band after THE PROPHET fades in America Nick leaves Omega to follow other interests.
Steve sets up his own small studio to continue writing and recording with the band various other people including Stef Brent (Nick's sister) Mark Gibbs and more recently, Liberty Mounten.
The late 80s early 90's Steve gets back together with Dave and Marc reforming APOCALYPSE. This saw some recording of their old material but there was never any real resurgence and no live appearances.
It was january 2004 when Steve became aware of just how big an impression APOCALYPSE had made in the NWOBHM. " I had been approached over the years by various people asking after the single but I never knew why. Then someone sent me a link to an E-Bay auction for a copy of the single. I went for what I considered to be a fortune. At last, my boat had come in and I wasn't waiting at the airport" As the year went on contact was made by various NWOBHM Stalwarts (you know who you are, check out the memories page)

Steve was also made aware that the album, the rights of which were owned by Steve and Nick was now available for sale now as a CD pirated it would appear by some foreign Johnny record label

2005 New APOCALYPSE project. A new album....title as yet undecided. ''It would be rude not to'' this is a great opportunity for us to release some more material so Steve is currently working at getting things off the ground. Working on tidying up recordings from the early 90s sessions. Re-recording old tracks and considering a few newer numbers. Helped by Marc and others it has to be said!
Release date of album and draughts for artwork announced for Dec 09/Jan 10. Releases on Hi Roller Record
and on Buried Under Time And Dust
The year sees the releases from both Labels. The original artwork idea got shelved as both labels had their own ideas for how the albums looked. This was great for the band as " we could never decide on what to do with what so having a third party make some of the creative decions for us was a godsend"

on Buried Under Time and Dust comprised of the earliest recordings of the band
Chosen Few
From the Ultra rare ultra collectable Stormchild 7" from 1982.

Side 2
Night Stalker
The Light
Midnight Train
All early demo's from about 1981

APOCALYPSE - Abandon Hope LP
High Roller Records

-Abandon Hope
-Blood Sacrifice
-Chosen Few
-Killing Man
-Midnight Train
-Later than you think
-In the heat of the night

From the post OMEGA era of APOCALYPSE with the three peice line- up
Steve Grainger - vocals, lead guitar, keyboards
Dave Robertson - bass
Marc Grainger - drums, additional vocals.

Abandon Hope is basically the material that did not go on to 'The Prophet' (Omega). Tracks that were never released except as demos that we later recorded over the years. There is no new material. It is a record of what we did. In a word, if you put it next to 'The Prophet', you will have 90% of our catalogue. One track, 'Midnight Train', was to have been the A-side to the single, had we not gone for 'Stormchild'. All the recordings will not have been released before. 'Chosen Few' is a bit more adventurous in this recording. 'Killing Man' has a 'guest' appearance on bass by Dave 'Mex' Higgen, writer of the song, founder member of Apocalypse, who left after a very short while but nevertheless can be credited with coming up with the name in the first place. The title track uses the original intro soundtrack that we used as our entrance on stage. There is a bit of live recording in 'In the Heat of the Night' which prior to this was only ever released as a studio demo on the Omega 'Alpha' cassette.

Stormchild (from the ABANDON HOPEalbum, Hi Roller Records) was featured as one of the tracks on the compilation CD free with the Roots of Metallica edition of Rock Classics Magazine.
You'll needed to polish up on your german literacy to understand the magazine but we were honoured to be included.

High Roller Records announce plans for a new release,
Blood Sacrifice.
The album marries up the old Omega tracks with the Apocalypse tracks. All the tracks are re-mastered.

Dave Robertson our wonderful, enigmatic bass player passes away on the morning of
Wednesday December 14th 2011.





Our lighting man/roadie Steve "The Flying Figg" turns up some old tapes in his hoard of memorobelia. One or two real finds on them. High Roller Records re-master and search the tapes for any hidden gems prior to the planned release of the two CD anthologies.

Abandon Hope (extended edition)
The Prophet
(extended edition)


The Prophet (limited edition orange vinyl) laid out.