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APOCALYPSE. proud to be part of the N.W.O.B.H.M.
Essentially APOCALYPSE were Nick Brent on guitar and vocals, Steve Grainger on lead guitar, keyboards and vocals. Marc Grainger on drums. Dave Robertson on bass. All the original material was written by Steve Grainger and Nick Brent and essentially Steve wrote the music and Nick did the lyrics. Naturally putting a song together meant that there was a blurring of the divide between the two but they were both at ease fitting into their respective roles.( In the post Omega era Nick took a more back seat role in the band and Steve became the front man.)
Once a song was deemed to have been written the band as a whole would mould it it into the Apocalypse sound. No one could contain Dave on bass once he got his teeth into something likewise with Marc on drums. So it would be wrong to say that Marc and Dave had no bearing on the outcome of any of the songs.
Rickenbacker E (bottle opener) through Hi-watt 120 amp and 2x15 cabinet.

Heavily influenced by the late John Entwistle. Seen here in a rare moment of movement Dave was more likely to have been motionless even during the most heaviest riffs. Much of this was due to problems he had with his eyes which didn't allow him to jump around too much anyway. He would often play in dark glasses for the same reason. Never used a plectrum opting for the three fingered walking style interspersed with the odd rib crumpling slam chord. His extra long guitar lead would allow him the option to wander off during performances and once, during a pub gig, played an entire number from inside the gents toilets.

NICK BRENT. Vocals, rhythm guitar.
Yamaha SG2000 through Marshall 50 and two 4x12 cabinets (1 slope front)

Influenced by a more folk/rock background. Deep Purple were probably the most powerful influence but bands like Led Zep, King Crimson, Jethro Tull and others of that ilk and era had their say. Nick was a very accomplished chordsman. His folk style finger picking was for the most part replaced by the standard bar chord and strum method but occasionally his skills were used to great effect.
A great lyricist influenced by the work of Steven King. A keen reader of literature.

Marc Grainger behind his kit nwobhmMARC GRAINGER. Drums.
Premier Drum Kit (V Large) augmented with Roto-Toms and, later on,Roland D-Drums. A single bass drum set-up. Arranged in a left handed format.

Marc wasn't often in view due to the size of the kit but you knew he was there when he played. Not one for your ''out of sight, out of mind school of rock'' Marc delivered a truly dynamic performance from the delicacy of tinkling cymbals and soft tom tom ambience to the physically shuddering barrage of heavy metal drumming associated with Apocalypse. Influenced by Animal of the muppets and the likes of Keith Moon.Such was his speed and control of his left foot(which as a left hander is the bass drum pedal) that the need for a double bass drum kit never really arose. Renown for having his kit wired with flash bombs ready for the final chord of any gig where the kit would explode and Marc would leap over the resultant debris.

STEVE GRAINGER. Lead guitar, Keyboards, Vocals.
Ibanez Artist AR100S Marshall Lead Master 100 through at 2 4x12 cabs Custom built using Fane drivers. Keyboard;Crumar Multiman, Yamaha DX7

Steve was the main music writer never really getting involved with the lyrics side of things. Influences as diverse as Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, ACDC and Bach. Steve loves blues/rock music a sights Gary Moore as his main influence on an electric guitar. A musical all rounder taught in his youth to play piano, clarinet, trumpet and sing . Described as ''One of those annoying sods who can get a tune out of most things.'' Steve says ''the first band we got together I was going to play the piano but we couldn't open the lid to put a mic into it. My mate Bob went home and brought back a Woolworth's Guitar('kin'ell) and said ''Here you are, you can play anything, play that!" '' . A graduate of the 'Why play a whole chord when two strings will do' school.