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This is original Apocalypse Badge. Very Rare!
Made by Steve at art school out of Zinc etching plate. First a stamp was made out of a large bar of steel. The letters being formed by a hand drawn negative image in acid resist film on the face edge of the metal which was then left in acid dissolving an amount of the exposed metal. Once enough ofthe meat was eroded, raised lettering was left on the exposed face. It was case hardened in graphite dust. It was then place on a single, pre-cut, piece of plate resting on a large flat piece of heavy steel. One seriously hard blow from a club hammer was enough to emboss an image of the APOCALYPSE logo into the metal, With two holes drilled we had a badge. Probably only a hundred were ever made due to the amount of work it took to produce them. This on has had the indent filled with enamel almost all of the badges were left in bare metal.

With great sadness we learnt that Dave Robertson our wonderful, enigmatic bass player passed away on the morning of
Wednesday December 14th 2011. Dave's untimely death was a terrible shock and cause of great sadness.
Our thoughts and deepest sympathy are still with his family.

We are currently working with Hi Roller Records on a project


Having now released ABANDON HOPE and Blood Sacrifice we are working on a project with Hi Roller Records to release two Anthology albums. Very possibly on CD, this should please the never ending number of people who enquire as to when our material will be released on CD

Click on the banner for more information

Nick Brent shares his memorable momentsread more

Stormchild by APOCALYPSE (from the album ABANDON HOPE, Hi Roller Records)
was featured as one of the tracks on the compilation CD free with this edition of
Rock Classics Magazine.
You will need to polish up on your german literacy to understand it but the tracks are well worth a listen......
Cilck on the Magazine cover to go to their site.

We found some old negatives from the recordings at EBONY and the recording of STORMCHILD/CHOSEN FEW at Stable Studios
These have now been added to the gallery section although the quality is a bit hit or miss! Hope you find them interesting never the less.
Go there. Well work is under way to scan them properly and add them to ther own gallery. Also more pics have come to light they to need to be rescanned and added, it should happen soon!

We are hoping to get something up on MYSPACE or Youtube soon.
As soon as it is done the info will be posted here. It may well be "Stevie Boy Blues" Summertime. A video of later than you think is planned.

Steve with back line MILTON KEYNES

To the left.
Taken at Milton Keynes out doors in one of the many open spaces. The lads at The Starting Gate had an open day and APOCALYPSE were the cabaret!!!

When former/founder member of Apocalypse
got intouch to put a few points straight.

Read it here.

Steve & Mex have since spent tme bouncing recordings back and forth between the UK and USA (Mex now lives in California) during the recording of some old apocalypse material. One of the earliest Apocalypse tracks LATER THAN YOU THINK has now been recorded using old recorded material and digital overlay ready to mixed down in the near future.

''KILLING MAN was a definitive example of NWOBHM music, I never knew that Mex had originally penned it. I just assumed that it was another one of Nick's that Steve had got his mitts into''. (Marc.)

Rich Walker
of The Miskatonic Foundation, and more,
Interviews Steve
originally for www.HellrideMusic.com the interview has featured on many other sites worldwide and has generated much interest in the band so a big thanks to you Rich.

Read the interviews at
Hellride,or Miskatonic,

Naturally, modesty forbids me from noting that the APOCALYPSE interview on Hellride Is, at the moment, far and away the most read interview :-)
Read the new interview on Loud and Legendary website. Thanks Paul and good luck with the site.

It wouldn't be right for us not to thank so many people for their help over the years....so here you are,

Thanks to
John, Mex, Kev,Pheadon, Steve "The Flying Figg", Nick Bove, Clive, (kiwi)Dave, Angie, Jackie, Carol,............Shaz and Antonina, Amanda, Dr Bob and more ...
Special thanks go to Hi Roller Records and to Buried under Time and Dust for showing faith in us as a band and putting their money where there mouth is.